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Faith Schools

I was dismayed to read that part of the coalition Educaion policy included a committment to promote more so-called "faith schools" The majority of citizens and tax-payers are either uninterested, sceptical or non-theist. Should we be subsidising these schools? What if Christain Scientists, Jehovahs Witnesses, spritualists etc wanted to set up schools of their own? How would we distinguish their worthiness to do so from that of Muslims, Jews (religious Jews that is),

Hindus, Roman Catholics… Continue

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Overseas aid budget.

Our coalition ministers and MPs should press the government and European partners to adopt a zero tolerance approach to any homophobic African or Asian regime that persecutes or suppresses gay men and women. No aid should be given to such regimes and trade should be conditional. Furthermore UK and European leaders should condemn any ant-gay sentiments expressed by religious leaders in such countries.

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