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I was pleased to hear Ed stand up and support AV.


Next year politics will be in the maelstrom of deficit cut activity and the referendum campaign might be weakened if the Lib Dems desire for real change is associated with job cuts, austerity, financial hardship and strikes. I think Ed's support ( if it still exists will be vital for AV success.) and will reinforce the new era of collective joined up thinking in politics.

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The Labour Party are officially for but it might be a lack lustre campaign. At least we can say it has cross-party support, even if we do most of the campaigning. The good news is that the public are largely on our side, according to MORI and YouGov. Its easier to persuade people of something they already want.
I wonder wether or not Voters who are largely persuaded NOW will be unpersuaded by the problems associated with the Lib Dems involvement in deficit cuts in the FUTURE.
OR Might strategy change ED's support in 2011 if they are looking for the centre ground whatever that is next year.

More mention of AV should be made regularly as electoral reform is the lifeline for Lib Dem members whilst in government currently.
Miliband's support mean that it's unlikely the Labour Party will simply oppose the Yes camp out of opportunism.


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