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Separate to the policy briefing is the issue of Sheltered Accomodation.

Across the country, resident wardens are being removed from units with little or no consultation to residents, leaving people in assailable positions with inadequate services.

The Conservatives are currently proposing to charge people a form of insurance for Sheltered Accomodation in the event they may need it. At a value of £6,000.

Labour are evidently failing residents by failing to ringfence budgets, allowing councils to abuse people's rights and ignoring protests and requirements.

At the South East Regional Conference, the policy motion to Support Sheltered Housing UK's campaign was passed to reinstate or retain resident wardens. More information can be located here and and we hope to take a policy motion to the Spring Federal Conference.

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The South East Region have submitted a policy motion on the basis of Sheltered Accomodation and I (hope to be) summating at the Federal Conference this spring.

I would appreciate support!


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